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MiniWallet - Crisple Amber

Secrid's iconic MiniWallet is like that neighbour's house that, from the street, looks small, but when you're invited inside you're shocked at how much room there is.

The MiniWallet may be compact in size, but it has far more storage capacity than you expect. Winner of the 2012 European Aluminum Award, it can hold 4 embossed or 6 flat cards, has a billfold as well as two pockets for money, receipts and ID. Want to access those cards easily? The patented mechanism gracefully slides cards out with one simple motion. 

Like all Secrid products, it's one tough mother, preventing credit cards from bending or breaking, and offering protection from RFID cyber spying and identity theft. Made with durable all-purpose leather, the MiniWallet is an enduring present that will be the last wallet someone will ever need. The hardest decision might just be which colour to choose!

65 x 102 x 21 mm | 72 g
2.56" x 4" x 0.83" | 2.54 oz


The MiniWallet's plethora of colour options: