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Maison Berger Paris

Trio Pack - Fresh

The Maison Berger Trio Pack - Fresh is a great way to try out some of Maison Berger's best selling scents: Fresh Linen, Lemon Flower, Ocean Breeze. Each fragrance lasts 7 hours of burn time (21 in total), which collectively gives you 84 hours of fragrance.

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In 1898, a young pharmacy technician named Maurice Berger forever changed indoor air by creating a small diffuser that not only generated pleasant fragrances but also removed indoor bacteria, making  indoor air cleaner, fresher and healthier.  

Today the Maison Berger's diffusers are used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, basements, and offices around the world to significantly reduce bad odours, cooking smells, smoke, airborne mold and mildew while increasing the amount of oxygen in the air.

Over 5,000,000 litres of Maison Berger fragrances are sold annually, subject to more stringent internal standards than the IFRA (International Fragrances Association.) You can breathe easy knowing the air you breathe is clean and safe!

Usage tips:

  • Remove burner from lamp when not used for several weeks
  • Change burner annually or every 200 uses
  • Use the Essential Neutral Home Fragrance to:
    • Clean burner if changing scents
    • Purify the interior
    • Reduce fragrance intensity by diluting it with Neutral