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FACTOR Bag - Oxblood

This leather bag is the "hands-free" answer to those for whom carrying a purse isn't something they love to do, but would rather not wear a backpack. 

With its ergonomic across-the-body design, clean and unfussy body-hugging contour and its perfectly placed pockets (and it's so smoooooth), the Factor Bag is like your hip-side butler. And the rich oxblood red sure makes a statement that says "all right...."
  • This Canadian-made leather bag has a lined interior with a small interior pouch and zippered interior pocket.
  • With its identical four exterior pockets, the bag can be worn on both the right or left sides of the body. (Southpaws, rejoice!)
  • Strap length 47" / 120cm (suited for a person with height of 160cm – 173cm (5'3"-5'7") with a medium build)
  • Dimensions: 34cm x 34cm / 13" x 13"