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Corkcicle Canteen - Waterman Grey

You know what we love about Corkcicle Canteens? 

Super long-lasting temperatures

The Canteen will keep your fave cold beverage chilled for up to 25 hours (maybe longer if you add ice), or your most beloved hot beverage hot for up to 12 hours without freezing or sweating. How do they do this? Because they're made with triple insulation! There are two walls of stainless steel with a top secret proprietary third insulation layer between them. 

Smart design

Corkcicle Canteens have a silicone base, preventing slipping and sliding, easy-grip sides and human-friendly screw-on caps. To keep them working their best, a quick hand wash with mild soap is the best approach. I bet you can do this in 5 seconds. Race you!

Environmentally friendly!

Each time you use this, the planet smiles a little. Think of how many plastic bottles or (non-recyclable!) coffee cups you're stopping from going into landfills or the ocean. 

Comes in lots of cool colours, sizes and styles

Go big, go small. Go bright, go classic. Lotsa choice. 


Comes in 9 oz (266 ml), 16 oz (473 ml), 25 oz (740 ml). Waterman Grey comes in 16 oz (473 ml) only.


Comes in 16 oz (473 ml).

Big enough opening for ICE CUBES!!!

As people who enjoy cold drinks, we love love love this. No need to play the "catch the ice cube before it inevitably ends on the floor" game with the Corkcicle Canteen.