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Founded in 1920 in Provence, France and still run by the same family, Lothantique creates bath and home care products to the highest environmental and quality standards, combining traditional, time-honoured French techniques with modern technology.

Try Lothantique and you may quickly join the legions of obsessed fans around the world.

Lothantique Authentique Liquid Soap

Free from sodium laureth sulphate and parabens-free, this traditional Marseille liquid soap lathers up beautifully, softens and protects the hands and body. Perfect for the bathroom and kitchen.

Lothantique Authentique Bar Soap

Damn, this is a great bar of soap. Vegetable-based, Lothantique's Authentique Bar Soap is French triple-milled, enriched with moisturizing shea butter, and will happily clean all skin types. Unlike other soaps that turn into messy blobs, this soap has a high soap-to-water composition, ensuring consistent rich lather, not goopy muck. These soaps come in a variety of appealing scents and decor-friendly colours.

Lothantique Authentique Hand Cream

Lothantique's Authentique Hand Cream is a small mercy, particularly in changeable climates where hands turn dry and cracked. With 20% organic shea butter and organic sunflower seed oil, this cream is smart enough to leave your skin smooth and soft without being greasy. Penetrates quickly, leaving behind a delicate scent. Its metal tube makes it great for travel (and very convenient to have in the car, we might add.) Paraben free.

Lothantique Authentique Eau de Toilette

Lothantique's Authentique Eau de Toilette is a bit of "France in a bottle." Made from high quality essential oils, just a few sprays is enough to go all day with the perfect amount of beautiful, delicate fragrance. Comes beautifully packaged in recycled materials. Can't decide? These fragrances mix and match wonderfully. Show your personality by creating your own signature blended scent!

Lothantique Authentique Linen Water

Why waste water to wash sheets and clothes daily when you can get an instant refreshing boost from linen water? Lothantique's Authentique Linen Water gently refreshes linens and clothing with just a few spritzes. Simply spray directly onto sheets and clothing, or pour a small amount into a steam iron to get a glorious boost of awesomeness.

Lothantique Fragrance Diffuser

Lothantique's fragrance diffuser lasts 3 - 4 months, and works without matches or candles: the reeds absorb and release the fragrance. A subtle, intriguing scent and maintenance-free?  Voilà.

Lothantique Authentique Bath Salts

Did you know people have been enjoying the beneficial effects of salts on the body for nearly 5,000 years? Lothantique's Authentique Bath Salts provide sweet relief to exhausted, aching muscles. With the added benefit of Lothantique's legendary French fragrances, these salts will make a bath positively metamorphic.

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