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Compagnie de Provence

Marseille Liquid Soap - Fleur de Coton

Compagnie de Provence has nailed liquid soap by marrying high quality, vegetable-based liquid soap and stunning, beautiful packaging that earns quiet approval from even the most critical house guest.

The legend of Marseille soap began in the 1600s as an exceptionally pure, natural product made from vegetable oils. Almost 400 years later, French company Compagnie de Provence was launched to modernize this classic soap.

Made from a trio of vegetable oils (sweet almond, olive and grape see oils), cooked in a cauldron the old-fashioned way (witch's hat optional), the Marseille vegan liquid soaps are free from colouring agents and animal fats. The sharply-designed glass pump bottles do kitchens and bathrooms proud, and come with corresponding refill bottles. 

Fleur de Coton will envelope you in a delicate, floral scent. Head notes of cassia flower and hawthorn give way to a heart of cotton flower, jasmine, rose and violet, finishing with white musk, opoponax (sweet myrrh) and - surprise! - raspberry sugar. Created in Grasse.

Liquid soap comes in 500 ml bottle. Refill in 1 L.

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