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Laboratorio Olfattivo

Giardino d'Inverno Room Spray - Laboratorio Olfattivo

When your room needs a burst of bliss, Laboratorio Olfattivo's 100 ml Room Spray will do the job quickly and joyfully. 

Giardino d'Inverno translates to "winter garden."  Roseberry, mandarin and warm cardamom open up to mid notes of anise, cedar and gaiac, finishing with musk, santal and baobab.

One of the best kept secrets in Italian fragrances is Laboratorio Olfattivo. Launched in 2009, this artisan perfumery was created to tell unique, complex stories through the power of scent. Described as having intelligent aromas of quiet prestige, those in the know embrace this niche perfumery as a reflection of their own personality.

Laboratorio Olfattivo comes in a variety of scents in room diffusers, room sprays and soaps.