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Donna Chudnow Toronto artist

Toronto artist Donna Chudnow

Donna Chudnow’s recent series, “ With Intention”, is a portrayal of the lifelong influence that nature plays in her life. Donna’s passion for landscape art emerged from her love and wonder of nature. Her reverence of nature evolved from going to childhood summer day camps outside of Winnipeg, and spending another 15 fabulous summers at a camp, canoeing throughout Lake of the Woods, and in parts of Northern Ontario.. The memories and feelings of those formative years are essential to Donna’s art.

Nature always played an important part of Donna’s life–but it wasn’t until her mid 40’s that she found her visual voice through painting. Her paintings reveal the sheer beauty and glory of nature and the joy that Donna feels being both a spectator and a participant.

In the summer of 2015, Donna went on a canoe trip to the Bowron Lakes, in the interior of British Columbia. It had been 35 years since her last major trip, and to her delight, she still felt at home in the woods. The Bowron Lakes were spectacular and the inspiration of Donna’s series, “ With Intention” .

Donna’s paintings reveal her fascination with colour and patterns in nature. In her past professional life as a currency trader, she would use different mathematical technical methods to study historical patterns to predict future paths of a particular currency. The drawings and extrapolations of those charts also influence her paintings.

Donna took landscape art lessons at the AGO Gallery School from 2006-2010 and attended OCADU (2nd year) on a part time basis, from 2012-2014. Donna was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 2015, on most days, Donna can be found painting in her studio at Project:Art.