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Dan Murphy Artist Toronto Canada | Buy Affordable Original Art Online Toronto Canada

Toronto artist Dan Murphy

Tell us about your background, your style of art, medium, training, shows, awards and, most importantly, why you create art.

I’m fascinated with psychology and the functions and malfunctions of the mind, beliefs and thought processes. My current work explores the point at which things stop making sense. In a dream, a delusional state or during a magician’s show. The point at which logic is abandoned and the sub-conscious takes over. Where the mind is left un-tethered by rationality to wander the fields of thoughts and memories.

I pluck the subject matter for my paintings from these fields, often using a “stream of consciousness” approach. By juxtaposing the incongruous, the natural and man-made, the relationships of my subjects are called into question. I present a quiet still life tableau where a feeling of mystery and intrigue hangs, a challenge to decipher some playfully veiled message, expressing my own sense of humour and playfulness.

Have you fallen in love at first sight with art? How would you describe your perfect art match?

It was either Dali's Hallucinogenic Torreador or Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights.

Don't be shy! Let us in on some interesting insight about you.

I'm a huge fan of ice hockey. I coach both my kids.