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Corkcicle Stemless - Gunmetal Metallic

Take your wine where you've never dared go before. Why we love the Corkcicle Stemless:

Super long-lasting temperatures

The Corkcicle Stemless will keep your beloved beverages hot or cold for hours (9+ for cold, 3 for hot.) Add some ice and this drink will stay chilled a loooong time, even out in the sun. What kind of crazy witchcraft makes this possible? It's science, baby. Made with triple insulation, there are two walls of stainless steel with a top secret proprietary third insulation layer between them. 

Smart design

Corkcicle Stemless have a silicone base, preventing slipping and sliding, easy-grip sides and sliding, spill-resistant, shatter-proof crystal clear lids. To keep them working their best, a quick hand wash with mild soap is the best approach. We bet you can do this in 5 seconds. Race you!

Environmentally friendly!

Each time you use this, the planet smiles a little. Think of how many plastic bottles or broken wine glasses you're stopping from going into landfills or the ocean. 

This may just change your life forever.

12 oz / 355 ml