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Buy Compagnie de Provence hand cream and soap, Toronto Canada

Back in the 1600s, while Paris was being rebuilt into the epicentre of polite, artistic society, an exceptionally pure and natural soap was quietly being created in the French port of Marseille.

Nearly 400 years later, la Compagnie de Provence was launched to reinterpret the iconic Marseille soap in a modern, contemporary way. Compagnie de Provence went on to add liquid soap, hand cream and other products to its collection.

Like the original soap, all Compagnie de Provence products are vegetable-based, made with natural, good-conscience ingredients without animal testing:

Compagnie de Provence Hand Cream

Compagnie de Provence Hand Cream is a luxurious, sensationally smooth and conveniently portable hand cream that can convert the toughest, driest hands into soft cushions of happiness. Made with a trio of sweet almond oil, olive oil and grape seed oil and enriched with honey, this hand cream will be your bulwark against the elements. And with a range of amazing scents (lavender, black tea, pink grapefruit, wild rose, mediterranean sea, fig, olive wood) you'll even smell nice, too.

Compagnie de Provence Extra Pur Soap

Extra Pur brings a contemporary touch of graphic design to the simple soap. Its timeless, simple, clean fragrances of Provence are fresh and, some say, addictive. Delicately scented and rich in moisture due to the addition of sweet almond oil, olive oil and grape seed oil, the Extra Pur soaps will leave skin soft and irresistible to touch.

Compagnie de Provence Marseille Liquid Soap

Made from a trio of vegetable oils (sweet almond, olive and grape see oils), cooked in a cauldron the old-fashioned way (witch's hat optional), the Marseille vegan liquid soaps are free from colouring agents and animal fats. The sharply-designed glass pump bottles do kitchens and bathrooms proud, and come with corresponding refill bottles. 

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