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Toronto photographer Aileen Hill | Buy Affordable Original Art Online Toronto Canada

Toronto artist / photographer Aileen Hill

Aileen Hill is a Toronto photographer with a keen eye for capturing beautiful moments during her extensive world travels.

Tell us about your background, your style of art, medium, training, shows, awards and, most importantly, why you create art.

I love expression.  Capturing a beautiful moment right outside my door or as I discover new worlds evokes a feeling that I like to share in my photographs.  I consider myself a 'late bloomer' as I fell in love with photography taking pictures on trips and vacations adventures to share with friends and family.  My love of art is finding the ordinary in the extraordinary.

Have you fallen in love at first sight with art? How would you describe your perfect art match?

Henri Matisse Exhibit. [Enough said.]

Something interesting about Aileen:

Aileen is the founder of the Precious Gems Project, a non-profit organization that offers young, at-risk people the opportunity to express their creativity. Program participants learn artistic techniques ranging from photography to painting to pottery, building their self confidence while benefitting from the joys of artistic creativity.