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February 06, 2019

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Unless you're some kind of extraordinarily blessed, super organized gift-giving planner (if you are, take a bow), chances are you're now trying to figure out how to find an amazing, creative Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend, husband, partner, sweetheart - that guy you adore. 

If you have no idea what to get him for Valentine's Day, check out these Valentine's Day gift suggestions to surprise him with a creative gift that feels thoughtful and heartfelt.

6 Original and Creative Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

1. A gift to elevate "Netflix and chill" 

Creative Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend: sophisticated movie night-in

There's just so much about this gift bundle that makes it perfect for a night in snuggling on the couch. And because the items are reusable, you can do it all over again next weekend.

The Sophisticated Movie Night-In Valentine's Day Gift  contains a 2-pack of microwavable popcorn makers that not only makes popcorn making easy, but does it without oil or butter. It also has two 12 oz Corkcicle tumblers, a vacuum-sealed "super cup" that keeps beverages hot for 3 hours or chilled for 9 hours, and a 3 oz Kobo Portuguese Olive Blossom candle: a vegan, non-toxic, biodegradable candle that blends lavender and mediterranean olive, creating a not-too-sweet, relaxing atmosphere. (C$111.00) 

2. The "better, slimmer wallet" gift

Secrid Cardprotector is a creative Valentine's Day gift for the boyfriend who wants a slim, RFID-protected wallet Secrid Moneyband is a creative Valentine's Day gift for the boyfriend who wants a slim, RFID-protected wallet

What is it about guys are their obsessions with having the smallest possible wallet? 

While this won't solve the issue of "honey, can you please carry my [glasses, keys, water bottle, notepad, umbrella, snack, scarf, hat, jacket] in your purse?", it will make them smile knowing their cards are protected from identity theft by an award-winning wallet. When combined with the moneyband, the versatility expands to keep things like cash, receipts and business cards in place.

Secrid Cardprotector is C$45.00, the Secrid Moneyband is C$21.00.

3. The "hockey puck that doesn't damage furniture" gift

[Non-Toronto Maple Leafs fans, please shut your eyes and go to the next suggestion]

Hockey airpuck, Toronto Maple Leafs makes a creative Valentine's Day gift for a boyfriend or husband who is a Leafs fan

The Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Airpuck turns your home into a life-sized air hockey game without causing damage to floors, walls or furniture. The Hockey AirPuck magically hovers over a curtain of air, floating over smooth surfaces like hardwood, vinyl and parquet. You can even play in the dark because it lights up.  Protected by a sturdy foam layer, it's designed to be kicked and battered around without harming furniture, walls or body parts. No sticks required. (C$25.00)

4. The ultimate whiskey gift (without the bottle)

If your sweetie is a whiskey fan, we've got a creative gift to complement his fave beverage. The safe, vegan, non-toxic and biodegradable Kobo Bourbon 1792 candle atmosphere for a cosy, relaxing evening, while the whiskey is sipped using the Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge. The beauty of the wedge is that it keeps the drink chilled while retaining its full flavour with minimal dilution. 

Creative Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend: Kobo Bourbon 1792 woodblock candle for a whiskey drinkerCreative Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend: Corkcicle whiskey wedge for a whiskey drinker

Whiskey Wedge C$25.00; Bourbon 1792 woodblock candle C$18.00 (3 oz) or C$56.00 (15 oz - sold out).

Should he also be a cigar smoker, this cigar glass (C$36.00) might just blow his mind (and will certainly make him the envy of his friends.)

The Corkcicle Cigar Glass is a creative Valentine's Day gift for a boyfriend or husband who loves whiskey and cigars


5. Original Inuit art print gift

Original art can be one of the most personal, creative and unexpected gifts you can give someone. Hunting Walrus with a Harpoon is a limited edition print by Nunavut artist May Lonsdale depicting traditional Inuit life in the Canadian north. Giving this art as a gift is a great way to support Inuit Canadian artists while introducing a special part of Canada into a home in a unique way. (C$325.00)

Creative Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend: Canadian Inuit art limited edition print

6. "Because guys deserve pampering too" gift

There's a common misconception that men aren't into body care products like women are. Maybe they just haven't tried the right products. 

Creative Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend: Laboratorio Olfattivo Di-Vino amazing liquid soapCreative Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend: Lothantique Authentique foam bath milk clean and comfortingCreative Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend: Compagnie de Provence Hand Cream - Olive Wood


We love the Laboratorio Olfattivo Di-Vino liquid soap (C$34.00) because it's vegan, made from renewable resources, works luxuriously and looks like a frickin' gorgeous red wine in a simple, sexy package. (For a real laugh, you could combine this wine-inspired soap with the wine bottle Corkcicle Air.)

We love Lothantique Authentique foam bath in milk (C$32.00) scent because of its soft, clean and gender-neutral fragrance, and because it's vegetable based and paraben free. And gift the gift of bathing joy in a bottle is beneficial: did you know that scientists discovered taking a bath twice a week was more effective than exercise to improve mental health?!  

We love Compagnie de Provence olive wood hand cream (C$10.00 30 ml; C$30.00 100 ml) because it's saving our dry, wintery hands every day. We love the olive wood scent because when we close our eyes it reminds us of the sun hitting the dock on the lake, even when there's three feet of snow outside.


We've done the hard part. Now you look like a superhero for giving your boyfriend or husband a Valentine's Day gift that looks like you spent a lot of time thinking about!

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